Help using the application

Main Window


  •  Browse F95 : List of all games listed on F95zone.
  •  Owned : List of all games that you have maked as owned
  •  Favorites : List of favorited games.
  •  Updates : List of games that you own and that have a new version aviable.
  • Yours : List of games that you have added to the list.
  • Add : Allows you to add your games to your local list.
  •  Refresh : Check online database to see if games have benn added/updated.
  •  Preferences : Opens the configuration window.
  •  About : display credits.

hint : All these options are just shortcuts, you can do the same thing by choosing the right filters on any window that displays games.




Aviable settings are :

On startup:

If corresponding options are checked, on startup,  game list will check if a new version if aviable and/or download lastest games updates.


  •  Games per parge: how many games will be displayed on the lists, if you check "Adjust to screen" this paramater will be ignored and number of games displayed will automaticaly be set to the number that will fit in the window.
  •  Default browser : witch browser will be used to launch html games, for links to F95zone or creators web site system default browser will be used.



  •  Source directory: place where downloaded games are stored.
  •  Base directory: place where games will be copied.
  •  Sub directory: structure of the sub directories that will be created for each games. Aviable tags are :
    • {game}: game's name
    • {creator}/: games's Creator name.
    • {engine}: ren'py, QSP, RPGM and so on
    • {version}: version number, warning for html games if you change the directory for each version you will probabely lost your saves.
  •  Save old version: create an archive with the current version of the game before copying files. (Doesn't have any effect if you used {version} in the subdirectory.
  •  Delete source after installation: delete source archive/directory after installation.

known bugs/problems:

Sometimes game list fail to open rar files, it's better to extract them and then install the game from the extracted directory.

If a game is made of just one file, you have to put it alone in a directory, if you don't do this all files in the same directory will be copied/moved.




Games are displayed in this window, you can filter them. For example in this screenshot games are filtered by tags : only 2dcg games that aren't created with RPGM will be displayed.

There are two ways of seeing games details : by right clicking on them or by using the left side pannel (use the "<<" button to show/hide it.